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    Elemental Concept - Wellteq
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    Employee smartphone app and analytics solution offering personalised wellness and quantitative ROI

    Elemental Concept - Wellteq


WellteQ is a digital wellbeing ecosystem for large organisations’ employees through a wellness coaching smartphone app.

  • Skills: Consultancy, development, support and maintenance
  • Website: http://wellteq.co

Our contribution to WellteQ

Short Summary

We helped WellteQ reimagine what the launch platform should look like, how it should be delivered and built the MVP. We then helped WellteQ recruit a team to maintain the existing platform and continue feature development.
WellteQ later reengaged us to help them scale to an enterprise grade solution.

As with many of our engagements, our relationship extends beyond the role of technology partner. From 2013 we have been actively engaged in the business strategy of the Company with our CEO acting as a Non-Executive Director.

What we did

Over the course of our time with WellteQ, we delivered the following key features:

  1. Conducted an extensive audit of their current code and infrastructure and compliance standards.
  2. Gauged the efficacy of the current system in the business plan in terms of fitness for purpose, robustness and future scalability.
  3. Conducted a high level assessment of languages used.
  4. Reviewed standards for security, maintainability and measured performance.
  5. Reviewed production optimisation, availability, coverage of automated tests and proper indexing.
  6. Secured the system infrastructure.
  7. Put a scalable infrastructure in place.
  8. Built a robust orchestration layer.
  9. Modular front end and back end approach based on current needs and priorities.
  10. Broke down the deliverables into bitesize modular chunks that would deliver value quickly.
  11. Managed and monitored rollout of incremental enhancement strategy.

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