Bibby Financial Services (BFS)

Software Consultancy & Application Support


Bibby Financial Services (BFS) are a leading independent financial services partner to UK business, as well as having a presence in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Singapore. BFS offer a variety of finance products including Invoice Finance, Asset Finance, Export/Trade Finance, FX and Cashflow Loans.

Our contribution to BFS

Short Summary

BFS have a highly bespoke inhouse system built on MS technologies and supported internally. Their longer-term strategy is to move away from the in-house solution to a “Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software supported, as far as reasonably possible, by the vendor.

Recognising the in-house bespoke solution would be required for some time due to its complexity and highly specific BFS functionality, it was decided to appoint a partner with a strong track record in supporting and evolving bespoke applications to deliver this as a more cost effective and flexible option.

Having worked alongside members of the BFS senior management team in the past, EC became the trusted partner.

What we did

Elemental Concept’s approach was to audit the software, environment and processes required to support to the agreed SLA, then pilot for 3 months to ensure assumptions made are correct, before moving into the BAU support contract.

The application is now fully supported by a team at EC, ensuring that there is the flexibility to scale as demand requires, there is flexible cover, by having no single point of failure, and that the business gets the assurance of expertise available as and when needed.

To date we have:

  • Run a series of application audit workshops with the key technical teams (development and support/DevOps
  • Reviewed and enhanced the existing system documentation.
  • Worked in parallel with the existing development team to handover on-going development projects and successfully launched a significant system upgrade in the first month of the pilot, addressing stability and performance issues as well as introducing new functionality.

EC is now working with BFS not only to introduce new functionality but also on the long-term planning for the replacement platform, architected more suitably to support the business strategy and open up new opportunities to utilise their data.