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The Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) provides the highest standard of network services with the long-term goal of helping enterprises to succeed on a global scale.

Our contribution to SCCI

Short Summary

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) came to Elemental Concept, looking to create a mobile app which supported chat functionality, training videos and e-commerce capabilities.

These feature types are well understood – From a user experience point of view, we know what a user expects and also, where to find a lot of their components off-the-shelf rather than having to write everything from scratch. We used our Elemental Apps library of components and adaptive frameworks to bring this project to life in a swift turnaround time.

What we did

Taking on board SCCI’s requirements, particularly around making the chat user experience as familiar as possible, we looked at a lot of existing solutions, taking inspiration from market leaders with proven success.

The Product Owner assigned to the project has been building e-commerce websites and mobile apps for over 25 years. He was instrumental in reducing time to market and cost considerably by simplifying the Product Discovery phase, identifying all the critical details the customer might not have thought of and was able to customising the off-the-shelf solutions which best fit to suit the product.

This insight enabled us to focus our development effort on novel features, assembly and test rather than writing standard features from scratch. Take the video functionality as an example:

  • For video, we used a simple plugin which allowed SCCI to embed their videos into the app, with all content hosted and delivered for free by YouTube.
  • Using YouTube for the video removed the need to host video on SCCI’s servers and solved the issue of how to deliver the content quickly worldwide, without needing to produce interfaces for playback.

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