Qbytes is a daily podcast application, available on both Android and iOS, that allows Muslims to comfortably navigate the intricacies of the Qur’an, showing you how to apply its teachings to your life.

  • Skills: Consultancy, development, animation, brand development and design services
  • Website:

Our contribution to Qbytes

Short Summary

Elemental Concept was approached by the founders of QFatima, a charity that provides access for anyone wanting to learn more about the Islamic faith and find information on how to navigate life’s milestones in accordance to the Qur’an’s teachings. QFatima, led by renowned faith scholar, Ummulbanin Merali, have a commitment to providing greater understanding, and thereby joy, in the Islamic faith. This is what led them to approach Elemental Concept to conduct a workshop to drill down to the core issues and suggest a path to an application solution.

What we did
  • Ran a full Product Discovery workshop, covering competitor and market analysis, business modelling and product development strategy and roadmap
  • Brand development work to create an accessible, beautiful user interface to go hand in hand with the evolving Qfatima brand
  • Full application design and build, across both iOS and Android platforms
  • Designed and developed the application website to launch the product onto the market
  • Brainstormed, scripted, storyboarded and animated a full motion graphics explainer video to accompany the product launch

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