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    Elemental Concept - CorResilience Designs
  • Elemental Concept - CorResilience Designs


CorResilience is the digital version of CorPerformance, a tailored resilience coaching programme for multinational businesses’ staff. The success of CorPerformance drove their existing customers to ask them to provide to deliver a more scalable and affordable solution for their wider workforce. It was from this that CorResilience was born.

  • Skills: Consultancy, development, support and maintenance, design and branding, animation.
  • Website: corlife.com

Our contribution to CorResilience

Short Summary

The biggest challenge with CorResilience was how to translate a well established and successful coaching journey that was traditionally delivered via in a personal one to one consultation, into a scalable digital application that would produce similar outcomes.

Through the entire build process, we helped our client to take the intricacies of their coaching journey that was locked in their heads and translate this into an app that integrates with wearable fitness technology.

The MVP has been launched and we are currently playing a critical role in the validation of this first version of the product. The next stage will be to work closely with our client to define the future product roadmap.

What we did

Conceptualised and scoped the solution in a Product Discovery workshop, we delivered the following key features:

  1. Rebranded the company logo and visual assets
  2. Designed and built a revamped CorPerformance site as well as the first launch CorResilience website. This has since been updated by the client to CorLife.
  3. Scripted and animated education videos
  4. Designed and built intuitive mobile and back office applications.
  5. Developed a sophisticated rules engine with multiple data points to enable a personalised coaching experience.
  6. Integrated with third party provider APIs
  7. Validation testing currently underway with Google Analytics, user surveys and one to one testing for direct user feedback.

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