• Aladdin Intelligent Data

    AI for innovative healthcare solutions

    Elemental Concept - Aladdin Design
  • New efficiencies in Healthcare

    Delivering faster and more affordable health screening via mobile and autonomous AI technology

    Elemental Concept - Aladdin Design


Aladdin is a global web and health data platform using AI and machine learning to help users track health, access relevant medical services and store, view and share medical records securely.

Our contribution to Aladdin

Short Summary

Through Product Discovery workshops and ongoing collaboration, we have taken this early stage concept and evolved it to what it is today: A suite of technology solutions that will ensure every penny spent in healthcare is spent effectively and goes further.

Aladdin’s goal is to produce preventative healthcare solutions for the world’s most populous economies. As well as improve trust and transparency between all parties in the healthcare sector and improve efficiencies in healthcare processes and practices.

Our relationship extends beyond the role of technology partner to Aladdin – We play an instrumental role in the management and strategic direction of the business, undertaking the roles of COO and CTO on behalf of the company.

By drawing on our extensive networks, we have been able to secure long term partnerships for Aladdin, as well broaden their global footprint.

What we did

Our journey with Aladdin enabled us to draw on a lot of different skillsets and expertise to give value and progress their business. We delivered the following key features:

  1. Strategised and crafted a solid business model.
  2. Created a strong investor pitch deck.
  3. Conceptualised and scoped the solution in a Product Discovery workshop.
  4. Branded the company, creating logo, visual assets and templated documents.
  5. Designed and created a company website.
  6. Established strong strategic partnerships with healthcare organisations in China and India.
  7. Built a restful API for the Aladdin Healthcare ecosystem, using a microservices architecture.
  8. Built the medical records storage subsystem, using a big data platform, across China and India.
  9. Built several preventative health proof of concepts using predictive analytics and machine learning.
  10. Scripted and produced a range of animated videos to showcase the new technology created.
  11. Created a private permissioned Blockchain network which served as an immutable medical record audit trail.

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