• Biomark

    Patient Health Management Platform

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BioMark is a platform that helps patients and doctors make sense of medical data to prevent and manage disease. They aim towards a more personalised, predictive and preventative healthcare.

  • Industry sector: Healthcare
  • Services: Software Development, Infrastructure Architecture & Platform Management, CTO as a Service, Design Services
  • Website: biomarking.com

Our contribution to Biomark

Short Summary

Biomark was seeking to transform the way users receive, consume, and interpret medical data – specifically biomarker data – to improve health literacy in the adult population. The long-term ambition was to use this valuable health and medical data to predict and ultimately prevent chronic disease.

At the time of our initial engagement, Biomark had launcher version 1 of the Biomark platform and distributed to approx. 25,000 users.

What we did

Elemental Concept was engaged by BM to conduct a technology audit of the Biomark platform. The purpose of the audit was to identify any potential issues and propose suggestions for rectification across the infrastructure, code and adopted policies and procedures in the context of the user-base expanding from 25,000 to 100,000+ and the enhancements to the current platform as BM move towards the next iteration of the App.

Elemental went on to rebuild the mobile application, working alongside their inhouse team, and rebuild their infrastructure.

We continued to work with the inhouse team to build an e-ordering/logistics management platform integrating with the labs.

During the engagement Elemental provided CTO as a Service to the Client.