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  • Elemental Concept - GiftandGo Designs

Gift & Go Platform

Loyalty Platform


Gift & Go is a gifting technology platform that enables businesses to create powerful loyalty stores and promotions whilst harnessing the power of Amazon Business.

  • Industry sector: Rewards
  • Services: Tech Leadership, Software Development, Infrastructure Services, Support & Maintenance, Design & Branding, Animation
  • Technologies: Java, Springboot, Kotlin, Angular, Material Design, Microservices, AWS, Docker, Jenkins
  • Website: giftandgo.com

Our contribution to Gift & Go

Short Summary

We were approached by Initial Rewards, a 15 year old loyalty business that specialises in end-to-end rewards fulfilment, to rebuild their failing platform. Through a Product Discovery journey, we helped our client to reimagine their business model and identify an opportunity for a new rewards solution that optimises online retailers to reduce the risks and liabilities inherent with managing fulfilment.

As a result of this journey, Gift&Go was born and became the first platform globally to successfully use Amazon’s public APIs to create dynamic product catalogues.

We helped Initial Rewards to transform from a non scalable rewards agency, managing high volumes of product and the associated cost risks, into a fully scalable robust platform. Initial Rewards now has the potential to revolutionise the rewards industry and has already created significant opportunities for partnerships with leading brands.

What we did

Gift & Go enabled us to draw on a lot of different skillsets and pushed our team on their own capabilities to achieve incredible results with a truly innovative new product.

  1. Conceptualised and scoped the solution in a Product Discovery workshop.
  2. Developed and crafted a solid business model and investor slidedeck.
  3. Created Branding including new logo, visual assets, exhibition stand design and template documents.
  4. Produced an animated promotional video to promote the new technology including script.

In building the Gift&Go platform, we delivered the following key features:

  • Custom store builder.
  • Theme builder to create customisable gift sites.
  • Campaign builder to create your own campaigns.
  • Integrations with third party provider APIs, including 13 Amazon Business global catalogues and Best Buy.
  • A robust API layer enabling 3rd parties to integrate with the platform to include a global gaming company deploying on over half a million outlets.

We continue to serve as a Tech Partner to G&G, providing all tech leadership as well as hands-on development & deployment.

Today we are working alongside a G&G tech team that we helped to recruit and onboard, and have since continued to train and mentor.


Building our MVP with Elemental Concept was the best decision we made when launching our product. From initial vision all the way through to product launch, EC remained truly agile and gave us the biggest chance of success. Every day, we receive compliments on our product and we couldn’t have done it without EC.

Joe Hall, Founder & CEO